Mohana tribe is a Fishermen’s Community

live in boat houses

The Mohana tribe, a community of fishermen, resides in boat houses situated along the Indus River in Taunsa Barrage Kotaddu, Pakistan. These resilient people have adapted to their unique environment and way of life, utilizing their skills to fish in the river and sustain their families.

Mohana tribe Living in a boat house requires a certain level of ingenuity and resourcefulness. The Mohana tribe has developed techniques to construct and maintain their homes, which are built on wooden platforms and are mobile enough to withstand the changing water levels of the Indus River.

They use traditional fishing methods to catch various fish species, including catfish, Rohu, and Rahu, which are sold at local markets to support their families.

Despite their resilience, the Mohana tribe faces many challenges. The changing weather patterns, pollution, and overfishing in the river have made their way of life increasingly difficult. Moreover, the government’s strict regulations on fishing have also affected their livelihood.

Mohana tribe

The Mohana tribe’s unique lifestyle and culture are an integral part of Pakistan’s diverse heritage. It is essential to support and protect their way of life to preserve their cultural identity and promote sustainable living practices.

Photograph: By Akhtar Hassan Khan

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