Mohana Tribe of Indus River

Mohana tribe living in boat houses

The Mohana Mallah Mirbahar Mirani is a prominent Sindhi tribe that resides along the coastlines of Sindh and the Indus River Taunsa Barrage Kot Addu Punjab. The tribe is mainly located in Karachi, Thatta, Keti Bandar, Son Miyanri, and Daamb, with the

Mohana Tribe

majority of their population living in these areas. The Mohana people are regarded as the pioneers of Karachi, and most of their families live in Karachi, Thatta, Keti Bandar, Son Miyanri, and Daamb.

The tribe often refers to themselves as Mir Bahar, which means “Lord of the sea.” They are primarily Sunni Muslims and speak the Sindhi language. The Mohana tribe is essentially Sindhi, and they have a historical figure known as Morro Mohano. The tale goes that Morro’s four brothers were eaten by a shark, and he sought revenge. This historical moment took place at Mauripur Road, which was once the coastline and now lies beneath

Mohana Tribe of Indus River

the overpass of Gulbai. It is still possible to visit the graves of Morro’s brothers here, providing a reminder of this illustrious history.
The Mohana tribe has a deep connection to the sea and is primarily involved in fishing and boat-making. They are skilled in crafting fishing nets, which are essential tools for their livelihood. People from Mohana are known for being honest and diligent workers who take pride in their work.

The Mohana people are renowned for their warmth and friendliness, and they are constantly willing to assist anyone who is in need.

In conclusion, the Mohana Mallah Mirbahar Mirani tribe is a vital part of Sindh’s culture and heritage. They are pioneers of Karachi,

Boat House in Pakistan
Mohana Boathouse at Taunsa Barrage Kot Addu Pakistan

and their contribution to the city’s development is significant. The tribe’s history and culture distinguish them from other Sindhi tribes, and they still play a crucial position in the heritage of the area. The Mohana people are a testament to the spirit of hard work, community, and hospitality, making them invaluable assets to their community and country

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